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Call of Chtulhu Interview
Call of Chtulhu - Interview

Here we are with Fishtank Interactive, a German Publisher famous for games such as Aquanox.
We thanks Fishtank Interactive and
Ulla Wenderoth PR Manager - Fishtank.

[Italian Version]

IGZ. Hi, so after Aquanox, a cult before been released too, now this Call of Chtulhu. I think it's an amazing period for Fishtank, isn't it?

UW. Yes, indeed! This year’s E3 was the first big success for Fishtank Interactive for we could show a very nice line-up with high-quality products like the famous AquaNox. But also our other games, upcoming shortly, like the RTS S.W.I.N.E, the turnbased strategical with fanatastic graphic Etherlords and the business simulation Car Tycoon (being released in Germany in November 15th) impressed journalists worldwide. ECTS in London was another milestone where we were the only publisher to be able to show some new games for 2002 like Chaser, Archangel and Wildlife Park. Our first goal is to license products which are bringing new influences to their genre and additionally impress with their quality.

IGZ. "The call of Chtulhu" is a great H.P. Lovecraft's story. Analogies and difference?

UW. Our game is following basically the Lovecraft story of "Shadows over Innsmouth". Sure some small differences as it is a Horror Action Adventure Game ;-)). A cool thing is that everything you do in the game is written down in a kind of diary you always can have a look at it for research and at the end of the game you can print it out as a unique book written in the style of Lovecraft.

IGZ. I'm just watching the screenshots, whoa. I was wondering if Call of Chtulhu will require a particular system configuration, and if it will natively support the new graphics technologies and cards (GeForce3).

UW. We support new graphics technologies and cards like GeForce3. Also support features like lipsync, motion capturing, havoc physics engine, EAX etc. A great thing, thatīs why you love the screenshots, are detailed textures. We use several textures for one object means if you go very close itīs still unbelievable detailed.

IGZ. I have read there will be a multiplayer mode. Can you tell us something more?

UW. Sure beside deathmatch you will find a special cooperative mode where you can fight the evil together with a friend.

IGZ. How important are exploration and action in Call of Chtulhu? Will the story be "one-way"?

UW. The story is linear but you can choose between more "sneaking around" or "shooting around". But you always have to take care with ammo cause there isnīt too much.

IGZ. There will be a particular interaction with npcs or any other element in the game?

UW. Yes, there will be a lot of interaction with npcs. They will give you a lot of hints and information you need to solve all secrets. Also you have to read all signs and boards.

IGZ. New generation consoles (PS2,Xbox,GameCube) have been supported by a lot of Publishers. Have you planned any console-version for Call of Chtulhu or any other game?

UW. We are planing to publish some of our titles on new consoles in 2002 but we are not allowed to tell you which game on which console, otherwise we would endanger negotions going on right now. I hope you understand this.

IGZ. When will we be able to test this game?

UW. In Q1 of 2002 we hopefully will be able to send the first preview code to the journalists worldwide. The test will be more likely in Q2/2002.

IGZ. Is there any further news about Call of Chtulhu's release?

UW. If a game is successful there will always be a sequel.

IGZ. As usual our readers would like to know your favourite game.

UW. Beside Fishtank games itīs Quake1,2,3.

Miscellaneous Screenshots