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The Cult Interview
Cult - Interview

We Thanks Jan Turan lead programmer from 3DPeople.
Cult Web Site

[Italian Version]

IGZ: Would you talk about 3DPeople? Past experiences and future plannings.

JT: 3D People was founded in the beginning of 2001 as a german/slovakian software company. We have started working on Cult in summer last year. Our employee all have game development experience or been working in similar businness.

IGZ: Actually how many developers are involved in the project "Cult"?

JT: Actually 5 people are working on the game full time and several external coworkers - we plan to reach 10-15 full time persons within 2 months.

IGZ: RPG's sector is, nowadays, very various. Why do you think "Cult" would emerge?

JT: Cult have some nice and suprising features. I will now mention a couple of them:

- each character/creature in the game is created from parts. This enable us to have a unlimited number of char/creature combination. No two same looking bandits will attack you. This includes also your main character. You will be able to visualy modify your character in never ever seen details (skin, hair, eyes, clothes (multiple parts), armor (multiple parts), ect. This system also enable us to have visual critical hits: you can chop off arms, legs, heads of your enemies.

- our engine is 3D so we have all the amazing 3D card features like zooming, dynamic lighting, shadows, 3D characters and objects.

IGZ: The news released spoke about renderered environment in the same way as Baldur's Gate. Could you explain what brought you to choose this technique?

JT: Such level of detail is impossible to reach with any other technique. But in the final stage many of locations will be created with combination rendered/tiled graphics.

IGZ: Could you tell us something about the background?

JT: Cult story takes place in a world where gods have been quite forgotten (this of course doesn't mean that you can't use priest's abilities). One piece of powerful artifact has been stoled from monastery you have lived. Almost no one from your order has survived. The player has to look for the rest of artifact fragments and find what is happening - why and who is trying to collect all of pieces without taking care of victims.

IGZ: Over 50 maps and about 100 quests. I think the world map should be very large. Do you confirm?

JT: We have only rough sketch of the whole world and Cult will take a place in several countries only. But this part of the world has to be large enough to have enough place for all locations.

IGZ: Did you implement and/or improve any characteristics from Baldur's Gate and Diablo?

JT: The final result is planned as combination BG and Diablo with our spice - I hope it will be one of the best RPG games ever, but it is hard to tell before beta-testing. And of course we hope to take the best from all RPG games.

IGZ: Will the main character be placed side by side by others playable characters in the evolution of the adventure?

JT: The only fully controlled character is main character, you can take NPCs into the party but without possibility to control their actions.

IGZ: How will the main character be able to develop himself in the evolution of the adventure?

JT: The character development is managed through skill system (M&M type) + perk system. So you can develop universal but less skilled chracter or high skilled but less universal character.

IGZ: NPC's function?

JT: Cult is one character - oriented game. NPC in party are only possible in Diablo II style - no possibility of their direct control. They can help you with items, combats, healing, learning etc.

IGZ: Could you explain battle and magic system?

JT: Magic system is based on mana energy. You can recharge it either by rest, potions, magic items and it regenerates. Spells have several levels of power.

IGZ: The 2d/3d graphic engine has been developed by yourselves. Can you tell us something more?

JT: Yes the engine is our work and we think that it is now become one of the best 3D isometric engines. The engine is full 3D using all the latest 3D card features.

IGZ: You pointed out the second quarter of 2002 as the availability of this game, don't you?

JT: This date is only hypothetical, at this point it look like we can finish the project this year but we will release it only at the end of the year or at the beginnig of the next year.

IGZ: Did you consider any playable demo?

JT: Yes, when Cult will be near to the final state, we will maybe release a playable demo.

IGZ: Something about multiplayer system?

JT: We have a interesting aproach to the RPG multiplayer system. The release version of Cult will feature cooperative multiplayer but with absolute movement and action freedom for all players.

IGZ: We'd like to know your favourite game.

JT: Arena, Infinity engine games, Diablo II, EOB series.