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Imperium Galactica III: Genesis Interview

Imperium Galactica III: Genesis

We thanks Zsolt Hanula (Hancu) Designer and Krisztina Koncz PR & Sales Department from Philos Entertainment
[Italian Version]

IGZ. Philoslab Entertainment is collecting great results, even thanks to "Escape from Alcatraz", soon in stores. Do you think it's a new era for the Hungarian developers?

Hancu. The Hungarian developers have always been noted in the world of gaming thanks to such venerable titles as the IG series (Digital Reality), the very popular off-road games like Insane (Invictus) or Screamer 4x4 (Clevers), then several successful titles on consoles and, of course, our previous game, Theocracy, also paved the way to gain international reputation. We hope to live up the expectations and create excellent games in the future.

IGZ. The new project, "Imperium Galactica III: Genesis" is the successor of "Imperium Galactica II: Alliances" developed by Digital Reality. Philoslab announced it won't repeat the same errors as Digital Reality. Could you tell me more?

Hancu. Oh, we didn`t speak about errors:)) IG3 will be a fully 3D game living up to the new technical standards and the demands of the players. Set in the not too distant future, you play a space pilot whose adventures make up the main story, which focuses on the battles of his fleet. Instead of relying on the historic and technical characteristics of the previous two parts IG3 rather takes over the underlying concept of the series.

IGZ. As I saw in the screenshots released, IG3 will be graphically amazing. I was wondering if only fastest pc, with the ultimate graphic card (GeForce3), will experience it completely.

Hancu. The optimal configuration is a 500 MHz Pentium III with a Ge force 2 graphic card having 32 Mbyte of DDR RAM. The game should be running on slower machines, though.

IGZ. IG3 let us to command a space emperor for the control of the galaxy. How will be possible to reach this objective?

Hancu. Set in the not too distant future, you play a space pilot whose adventures make up the main story on a mission-by-mission basis, while several sub-plots give the action of the game diversity - and the ability to upgrade your equipment and firepower. Since the game is absolutely story-focused, it would be rather difficult to explain it without giving away some twists. I can reveal that much, however, that you can expect an exciting game full of surprising twists.

IGZ. Referring to space attacks, who will control the ships during this session?

Hancu. All the spaceships in IG3 can be controlled in such a detailed way as if you were playing a sim. The various sorts of weapons, engines and shields are freely configurable that is you can select and adjust them real-time during the battles.

IGZ. Managerial and construction modes what will let players to do?

Hancu. If you mean the strategic part of the game, then strategic gaming experience in Genesis is ensured by colonisation. You'll have the opportunity to build colonies, establish an empire, acquire alien technology, carry out research on weapons, etc. There'll be 3 different colonies: sci-lab, industry-base and shipyard. The player can decide on the type of the colony and where he/she deploys it. Colonies consist of masses of people, however, the ones who show outstanding performance may emerge in the long run. In this case an entirely individual NPC is the outcome having specific abilities and skills (scientific, geometric, military). They play a considerable role, since all the upcoming tasks in the game can be solved more efficiently with their aid.Building and managing the hinterland requires the gathering of various resources. Basic resources are minerals and energy, however, these doesn't have to be collected on a regular basis, only get the exploitation started and configured. Other resources will be accessible in the campaigns, such as for instance, alien technologies serving as the basis for scientific research.

NPC-s can also be considered a sort of resource, which are able to speed up the process of research and production as long as they are used in a specific project. And at last, time itself is a resource, since the large-scale, more extensive research and construction will take even 20-30 years, and, conspicuously enough, there won't be time for everything. Anyway, research and construction are project-focused, which means, not the entire amount and number of resources have to be secured right at the beginning, rather step by step in accordance with the requirements. The process might even be interrupted, stopped, and by reallocating the resources the pace can be decreased or increased.

IGZ. Could we customize space ships? How?

Hancu. Although, there are 5 main ship classes, each and every ship will be unique (freely configurable). The features of the ships can be adjusted separately (they may be slower, quicker, able to avoid assaults in different ways, their armor can be focused on devastating or disabling the enemy as well as breaking down their shields).

IGZ. As reported in the game's characteristics, IG3 features 100 planets in 20 galaxies. How many races will populate them?

Hancu. There'll be 6 different races.

IGZ. There will be a sort of multiplayer mode or only single player mode?

Hancu. Players require a different gameplay both in single player and in multiplayer modes. Since we don't want to make any compromises, the multiplayer modes will be totally different from those of the single player focusing on different points. Anyway, we do our best to make the most of both. :))

IGZ. Do you manage to release a playable demo or a trailer in order to see the game "in action"? If so, when?

Hancu. The demo will be out soon :)

IGZ. The game is announced to be released in the first quarter of 2002. There are any news about this?

Hancu. No news, but you can play with it soon:)

IGZ. There will be linearity in facing scenarios? How important are our choices?

Hancu. Actually, it depends on the attitude of the player: if someone focuses on the missions and the story, then it will be a more or less linear gameplay with branches. Those, who prefer strategy (empire-building), will only experience that the game has a beginning and an ending with respect to linearity.

IGZ. There's any question i haven't ask, and you want to answer to? :-)

Hancu. The most important motive for us in producing IG3 was to create a well thought-out, logical game, which gives the players such an overwhelming sci-fi experience, as if they saw a sci-fi movie or read a good sci-fi novel. You can also find solemn, thought-provoking elements in the game, what's more, you'll be touched by the philosophical depth in it. This, however, doesn't mean that eventually we will end up producing a real hard-core game.