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Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp Interview
Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

We thanks Jaime Schultz, Media Relations from Digital Leisure Inc.
[Italian Version]

IGZ. So here we are with Digital Leisure, one of the best Software Houses in the '90s. How did you feel coming back in the new millennium? There's a particoular project are you working about?

JS. Digital Leisure continues to move forward into the new millenium with a focus on bringing classic games to new formats. We have been working on ensuring that each game is brought forward to the latest gaming console and entertainment technilogy. Our games have become available on numerous formats including CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, PlayStation2, as well we will be releasing them for the Xbox at its North American Launch in mid-November. In May of this year we acquired all of the American Laser Games titles, including old arcade hits such as Mad Dog McCree, Who Shot Johnny Rock, Crime Patrol, and Space Pirates, along with others. We have begun remastering these titles to bring them to market starting with Mad Dog McCree which will be available on all formats at the end of October and Who Shot Johnny Rock? by the end of November.

IGZ. Dragon's Lair is the father of the laser game, do you think it will be appreciated also now that Software Houses generally point to "Real Time Strategy" games?

JS. Dragon's Lair continues to have a strong following because it is such an original and well loved game. It has classic animation that isn't found in a lot of video games, it involves the interaction through timing of moves making it a game that can be played by many. There also seems to be a trend of bringing back the older games. Kids who loved and played the game in the arcades still love and play the game at home with their kids now. Its a timely classic because it is loved so much and continues to be loved by millions.

IGZ. Dirk comes back to pc and PS2 version. What's the difference between these releases and the previous ones?

JS. The latest release of Dragon's Lair for CD-ROM contains arcade options and features that were available in the original arcade version, and until now were not available on any home version. The original scoring scheme from the arcades, arcade circuitry control through software dip switches, multiple levels of difficulty, and total scene authentication have now been included in this version. THe MPEG1 video quality gives it better imagery as well we have added some bonus features to the game. You have the option to play the game in an arcade Cabinet window to give you the look and feel of playing it in the arcades. There is a "Watch" feature which allows you to view the game like a movie being played all the way through. Also we have included historical interviews with the original creators of Dragon's Lair.

IGZ. Longevity is a problem for that kind of games. Why people should play again Time Warp once finished?

JS. Most gamers get a new game and want to play it all the way through, they have to show that they are able to beat the game but once this task has been completed you'll want to play again just to see the animation. There are intimate details in such animation that you may have missed the first time. It has a following because of this animation and the fairy tale storyline of being the brave knight that rescues the fair princess. It pulls people back to it time and time again.

IGZ. I remember when I played it coin-op (ehhh time passes), and its difficulty was amazing. Home version will feature customizable difficulty levels? If not, Why?

JS. The latest version of Dragon's Lair on CD-ROM as well as Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp which will be released soon will have the option to vary the level of difficulty. this allows all range of gaming abilities the chance to enjoy the games.

IGZ. Dragon's Lair Time Warp will require a particular system configuration? There's any kind of support for the new generation graphic cards (GeForce3)?

JS. Nothing special has been adapted for the games for the different graphic cards. The video quality used is MPEG1 which allows for stunning video qualtiy on various types of computer systems.

IGZ. Does it support Dolby Digital 5.1?

JS. Shadoan does support Dolby Digital 5.1.

IGZ. Is the collaboration with Don Bluth continuing nowadays? Will we ever see Dragon's Lair III?

JS. There is a continual collaboration with Don Bluth and Digital Leisure. Currently they are working on the Dragon's Lair 3D game as well as a Dragon's Lair movie. Don Bluth as well as animation fans will love both projects I'm sure.

IGZ. As usual our readers would like to know your favourite game.

JS. I'd have to say this is a toss terms of animation Dragon's Lair is definelty a winner. It's amazing how a game built on timing can frustrate its players so much! However the newly acquired American Laser Games are also in my tops of games to play. The live action and true western excitement of Mad Dog McCree is always exciting in the shoot-em up style! I will admit I'm a huge Disney fan and lately I'm addicted to trying to complete the game A Bug's Life!

IGZ. Is there any question i haven't ask, you want to answer? :-)

JS. Yes, blondes have more fun and we can play video games~even if we are girls!!

Miscellaneous Screenshots

Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree
Shadoan and Reaches Shadoan and Reaches
Space Ace Space Ace
Time Warp Time Warp