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Alcatraz Interview

Alcatraz Interview

Thanks to

Krisztina Koncz PR & Sales Department
János Szabó (Janus) Producer
Forrai Gábor (Nexus) Senior graphic
Ruttmayer Antal (Anti) Lead designer
More info at: Philos Laboratories
Italian Version

IGZ. Can you introduce Philos Laboratories? Past experiences, future projects.

KK. I'll speak about our company in general. In 1997 we began the development of Theocracy, a real-time strategy title. In 1999 Philos signed a contract with Ubisoft to distribute Theocracy. At the beginning of the year 2000, Philos reached another agreement with CDV, this time for the distribution of Alcatraz, a strategic/action/adventure game. In October, 2000 the ABN-AMRO bank invested one million dollars in Philos Laboratories creating the biggest Hungarian game developer company in terms of capitalization and manpower. We will be present at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, May, Los Angeles) with a new fantastic game.

IGZ. Actually how many people are working on Alcatraz?

KK. Philos gives work to more than 80 specialists and at this time we got 40 people just on Alcatraz.

IGZ. Compare Alcatraz to a Cocktail? Which percentage of each ingredient: Adventure, Puzzle and Action?

KK. Good question :). Action 60%, puzzle, 20%, adventure 20%. But our concept of puzzle (strategy) is different. For example I could say: action 70%, adventure, 30% and puzzle 100%.

IGZ. Why did u choose an alternative future instead the 1950 for example?

KK. We didn't want to influence our graphic artists with the elements of the known reality. The story takes place at an alternate place of an alternate, not necessarily on the earth, rather in a parallel world which is analogous to that of ours.

IGZ. It is possible to compare Alcatraz with games like Lost Viking or Goblins, or with more recent titles like Commandos or Desperados?

KK. Sure. Expert players will meet the elements of Commandos or Desperados and the smoothness of Goblins. The focus lies on the mixture we tried to create: an alloy of different game genres to get a new harmonious title. Obviously some adopted solutions will be common to other games. I think this is inevitable :). Naturally, players will gain some great new gaming experience in Escape from Alcatraz..

IGZ. What about interactivity with objects and non playing characters?

KK. The characters will be able to take and use various objects, which will be important to complete the missions. Each character is different so an object that would be useful in one's hands would completely be useless for another one.

IGZ. Did you consider multiplayer support?

KK. Not now. We plan it in another title.

IGZ. When we will put our hands on a Demo?

KK. You'll have it in July, probably.

IGZ. There will be a BETA?

KK. Yes, you can expect it in August.

IGZ. Summer 2001. Could you be more precise on Alcatraz release date?

KK. Alcatraz will be released at the end of the year (Q4).

IGZ. Which games are most played at Philos? Your favourite one?

KK. My favorite? I don't really know... I like adventures as, for example, Monkey Island :)